BitsAt About Us

What’s all the buzz about BitsAt?

It’s not always easy to create something original in today’s world - but with BitsAt - we did it!

Is that important ?

We think so, and you’ll find out in a moment exactly why - keep reading.

Who Are We ?

We are a team of engineers and data scientists with a unique passion for originality and logic-based games. With so many games created from the dawn of mankind, it isn’t easy to come up with something completely new. We’ve worked hard to bring you BitsAt - a brand new logic-based math game that will have your ‘neurons’ firing on all cylinders!

Isn’t it time to give your brain something new ?

With thousands upon thousands of Sudoku websites on the internet, a person can get lost just trying to find a different kind of math puzzle/exercise to serve their brain with. We actually created the entire concept of our BitsAt boards ourselves - it’s UNIQUE!

We doubt you’ll be able to find this exact game anywhere else, and if you can, feel free to share that with us.

BitsAt Is FUN and SOCIAL!

Not only is this game addicting and fun, but it’s also social. Pin yourself head-to-head against the community and put your math skills to the test. Compete to put your mathematical prowess on display for all to see - as you dominate the leaderboards.

Guess what? You can still hit the leaderboards even if you are brand new to our community! Every new BitsAt board has its own leaderboard, so anyone can attain status on each game!

The intention behind our game is original FUN, of course - but with a side of neuroplasticity, cognitive, and logical growth. We hope you find joy competing against our community and your friends (make sure to invite them by sharing on social media)!

Extra Brain Benefits of BitsAt

Studies have shown that your brain’s neuroplasticity and function can be improved by using your ‘thinking cap’ often to solve problems. Some neuroscientists even prescribe ‘brain game’ types of puzzles as a preventative measure for high-risk Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients!

Your brain is a lot like a muscle.

When you work out at the gym, you put your muscles under stress, which creates growth. With your brain, the same thing happens with your neural pathways. This can improve cognitive ability, logical function, etc.

However, if you do the same workout at the gym every single day and never make any alterations, your growth will slow. Physical trainers know this, so they often change their workout plans to ‘shock-the-system’ into creating more growth.

Now, if you’re still reading: