Game Rules

Primary Goal

Solve each equation line so that it equals the ‘target value’(‘target value’ is the highlighted number located at the top-left of the game board). To solve a line, single-click one of the large numbers/operators at thetop-right of the game board to select it. Then, click inside one of the empty spaces on the board to place your selection there. Continue filling in spaces until the equation equals the target value. The target value remains the same for the entire math-board. Once all equation lines have been solved and equal the target value - you win!

Rules of Play:

  • All equations must equal the ‘target value’ located at the top-left of theboard to win.
  • Horizontal equation lines must be solved from left-to-right.
  • Vertical equation lines must be solved from top-to-bottom.
  • You may only use each number/function from the options at the top-right of the board a limited number of times. The small number you see above each number/operator shows the number of times left to use a given number/operator.
  • BODMAS (a.k.a. PEMDAS), order of operations applies to all equation lines (if you don’t know what this is, see description below).

What is BODMAS/PEMDAS (order of operations)?

BOMDAS is the order you must use to perform operations (i.e., brackets, orders, multiplication, etc.) in each equation to get to the solution.

You must perform operations in this order:

1)B = Brackets (anything within brackets).
2)O = Orders (powers/exponents or square roots.
3)DM = Division and multiplication.
4)AS = Addition and subtraction.

Score Calculation

Your score is calculated based on the number of moves you made before successfully completing a BitsAt board and the amount of time it took you to complete it. Complete the board with the least number of moves, in the leastamount of time, to get the best score.

Game Modes

Bitsat has three game modes. You can select from them by using the small menu button at the top-left in the header on any page of this website.

  • Championship -This mode is RANKED gameplay. You’ll be head to head against other Bitsat players. We’ve created an algorithm that will increase the difficulty of the game when you play well - and decrease the difficulty when you’re struggling. A higher difficulty means a higherlevel. The better you play, the harder the board becomes. The higher your level becomes - the higher you’ll rank!
  • Daily Challenge -Each day, a brand new board that no one has ever seen before is put up for our community. Everyone that plays will have a chance to get on the Daily Challenge leaderboard for that specific game. This mode is UNRANKED, but does have a leaderboard for competition. Also, you will only hit the leaderboards on Daily Challengeif you solve the math-board on your first try, so make sure not to leave before finishing!
  • Popular Boards -This is where you can find all the previously completed Bitsat boards by popularity, date, and difficulty. ‘Popular Boards’ mode is UNRANKED and you won’t be able to get on the leaderboards. However, it’s a great way to get practice, pass the time, or just to play whatever boards you enjoy most!

Hey, Can We Ask You A Question?

A big part of what makes Bitsat so fun is our community. That means you! Our community is always growing, but only because of people like you who support us. If you enjoy our game, please, take a moment to invite your friends here so they can play too!

As always, have fun.

Bitsat Team.